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Fuse Box Information

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Electrical Fuse Box

The fuse box is the heart of your home’s electrical system.  If your fuse box is not working properly, nothing electrical in your home will work right either.

Many people question whether or not their fuse box is safe and wonder if a circuit breaker panel would be better.  Fuse boxes can be a nuisance because when a fuse blows, you need to make sure you have the correct size and type on-hand.  If you don’t, you’ll have to run to the hardware store in addition to making sure you purchase the correct type.

Are fuse boxes more dangerous than circuit breaker panels?

To answer this question, we need to learn a little history.  The amount of electricity a fuse box or circuit breaker panel can safely handle is measured in amps.  Most fuse boxes were installed prior to 1970.  We use much more electricity now than we did back then.  Many fuse boxes only have enough capacity to safely allow 60 amps of electricity in the entire home with each individual circuit usually holding only about 15 amps.  Some homes do have one 30-amp circuit for a stove or water heater, but that’s it.  In contrast, homes built more recently have circuit breaker panels with 150amp capacity for the home, and the most recent homes have started installing 200amp panels because that is what our modern electrical needs require.  Within these circuit breaker panels, there are usually many more circuits than you would find in a fuse box and those circuit can safely carry up 20amps.

Fuses are designed to prevent circuit overload.  Circuit overload causes fire.  It is true that fuse boxes are more of a fire hazard than circuit breaker panels because of the age of the fuse boxes and the fact that homeowners put the wrong type of fuses into their boxes.  What happens when you put a 20amp or 30amp fuse into 15 amp circuit?  You create a major fire hazard.  If your fuses are constantly burning out, it may be because your circuits are overloaded.  For more information on fuse boxes, please click here.

If you are thinking about changing your fuse box to a circuit breaker panel, Boy’s Electric offers exclusive Fire Guard circuit breakers which not only trip when a circuit is overloaded but also sense if there is a short in the wire.  This allows your breaker to shut down a faulty wire sooner before fire and damage can occur.  Please see video below for more information.  In addition, because we only supply the highest quality products, all Boy’s Electric panels, including the circuit breakers, have a lifetime parts and labor guarantee.

Are you concerned your panel can't keep up with your home's electrical needs?  Or would you simply like to have your fuse box and wiring evaluated?

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